Child Performance Licenses BELOW INFO FOR CLIENTS ONLY:

All children 16 years and under need to have a licence in place for every job, The client is responsible for the licences, however we will help with processing applications. If you do require our service it is advised that you call us at the earliest opportunity, Please remember that we need a minimum of 10 days to allow all the paperwork to be processed. For more information please call us.
Height85cm/2'9" Size2T-3T HairBrunette EyesBrown
Aalaya Lucas
Height144cm/4'8" Waist35cm/14" Hips40cm/15.5" Shoe20 EU/4.5 US/3.5 UK (kids) Size10 - 12 HairDark Brown EyesBrown
Abigail Akpan
Size12 - 18 months HairBrown EyesBrown
Alaiya Williams
Height110cm/3'7" Bust60cm/23.5" Waist55cm/21.5" Hips70cm/27.5" Dress35 EU/5 US/7 UK Shoe28 EU/11 US/10 UK (kids) Size6 - 7 HairBrown EyesBlack
Amber Waite
Height90cm/2'11" Dress30-32 EU/0-2 US/2-4 UK Shoe22 EU/6.5 US/5.5 UK (kids) Size2T-3T HairLight Brown EyesBlue/Green
Amelia Delishaj
Height158cm/5'2" Bust91cm/36" B/C Waist81cm/32" Hips96cm/38" Dress38 EU/8 US/10 UK Shoe39.5 EU/8.5 US/6 UK Size14 HairBlack EyesBlack
Angel Osawaru
Height168cm/5'6" Bust87cm/34.5" B/C Waist73cm/28.5" Hips92cm/36" Dress38 EU/8 US/10 UK Shoe38 EU/7 US/5 UK HairBlack EyesBrown
Angelina Perello- Javar
Height168cm/5'6" Bust94cm/37" A/B Waist70cm/27.5" Hips102cm/40" Dress36-38 EU/6-8 US/8-10 UK Shoe40 EU/9 US/6.5 UK Size14 - 16 HairBrown EyesHazel
Anna Masonkina
Height92cm/3'0" Waist53cm/21" Shoe24 EU/8 US/7 UK (kids) Size3T-4T HairDark Blonde EyesGreen/Brown
Aryanna Goncalves-James
Height96cm/3'1.5" Waist72cm/28.5" Hips84cm/33" Shoe17.5 EU/2 US/1 UK (kids) Size11 - 12 HairBrown EyesBrown
Athena Christopher
Height128cm/4'2" Waist70cm/27.5" Hips78cm/30.5" Shoe30.5 EU/13 US/12 UK (kids) Size8 - 9 HairDark Brown EyesBrown
Ayati Pal
Height146cm/4'9" Bust76cm/30" Waist69cm/27" Hips81cm/32" Shoe36 EU/5 US/3.5 UK Size12 HairBlack EyesBrown
Boluwatife Taiwo
Height53" Bust95cm/37.5" DD Waist85cm/33.5" Hips99cm/39" Dress38-40 EU/8-10 US/10-12 UK Shoe39.5 EU/8.5 US/6 UK HairBlack EyesBrown
Cerise Martin-Hart
Height102cm/3'4" Bust60cm/23.5" Waist52cm/20.5" Hips57cm/22.5" Shoe25.5 EU/9 US/8 UK (kids) Size3 - 4 HairBlonde EyesBlue
Chloe Walsh
Height156cm/5'1" Bust80cm/31.5" A Waist82cm/32.5" Hips86cm/34" Dress34-36 EU/4-6 US/6-8 UK Shoe39.5 EU/8.5 US/6 UK HairDark Brown EyesGreen/Brown
Daisy Lang
Height153cm/5'0" Bust74cm/29" A Waist43cm/17" Hips42cm/16.5" Dress35 EU/5 US/7 UK Shoe20.5 EU/5 US/4 UK (kids) Size12 - 13 HairDark Brown EyesBrown
Daneen Anwara
Denisa Lupas
Height144cm/4'8" Bust67cm/26.5" Waist54cm/21" Hips68cm/26.5" Shoe36 EU/5 US/3.5 UK Size10 HairBrown EyesBrown
Ella Hewitt
Height137cm/4'5.5" Waist71cm/28" Hips78cm/30.5" Size10 - 11 HairBlonde EyesBlue
Emellia Black
Height124cm/4'0.5" Bust72cm/28.5" Waist74cm/29" Hips75cm/29.5" Shoe30.5 EU/13 US/12 UK (kids) Size6 - 7 HairDark Brown EyesGreen
Emily Tusku
Height163cm/5'4" Bust86cm/34" A Waist69cm/27" Hips84cm/33" Dress34-36 EU/4-6 US/6-8 UK Shoe37.5 EU/6.5 US/4.5 UK HairBrown EyesGreen
Faye-Elise Walmsley
Fraeyah Marley
Height83cm/2'8" Shoe21 EU/5.5 US/4.5 UK (kids) Size12 - 18 months HairBlonde EyesBlue
Hallie Oliver-Hayes
Height100cm/3'3" Size5 HairDark Blonde EyesBlue/Green
Isabella Hope
Height158cm/5'2" Bust104cm/41" DD Waist36cm/14" Hips42cm/16.5" Dress40 EU/10 US/12 UK Shoe22 EU/6.5 US/5.5 UK (kids) HairBlonde EyesBlue
Jessica Toner
Shoe30.5 EU/13 US/12 UK (kids) Size6 - 7 HairBlack EyesBlack
Kasia Annies-Shyheim
Height59" Bust63cm/25" Waist56cm/22" Hips69cm/27" Dress39 EU/9 US/11 UK Shoe17.5 EU/2 US/1 UK (kids) Size10 - 12 HairBrown EyesBlue
Kenzi Jo
Height143cm/4'8" Shoe21.5 EU/6 US/5 UK (kids) Size11 - 12 HairDark Brown EyesHazel
Kimran Ahuja
Bust94cm/37" D Waist83cm/32.5" Hips96cm/38" Dress36-38 EU/6-8 US/8-10 UK Shoe22 EU/6.5 US/5.5 UK (kids) HairBrown EyesBrown
Leah Stokes
Height120cm/3'11" Shoe30 EU/12.5 US/11.5 UK (kids) Size6 - 7 HairBrown EyesGreen/Grey
Leidy-Anjeli Kaur
Height114cm/3'8.5" Bust61cm/24" Waist59cm/23" Hips69cm/27" Shoe25 EU/8.5 US/7.5 UK (kids) Size5 HairBlack EyesBrown
Leonor Danfa
Height62cm/2'0" Bust85cm/33.5" B Waist69cm/27" Hips100cm/39.5" Dress36-38 EU/6-8 US/8-10 UK Shoe37 EU/6 US/4 UK HairBrown EyesHazel
Lidia Vilches
Lizaveta Kirkizh
Height133cm/4'4" Shoe18 EU/2.5 US/1.5 UK (kids) Size10 HairDark Blonde EyesHazel
Makayla McCartney
Height167cm/5'5.5" Bust79cm/31" C Waist69cm/27" Hips99cm/39" Dress36-38 EU/6-8 US/8-10 UK Shoe38 EU/7 US/5 UK Size16 HairDark Brown EyesBrown
Melissa Knox
Height158cm/5'2" Waist66cm/26" Dress34-36 EU/4-6 US/6-8 UK Shoe21.5 EU/6 US/5 UK (kids) Size11 - 12 HairBrown EyesBlue
Mollee Grist
Height168cm/5'6" Bust61cm/24" B Waist66cm/26" Hips81cm/32" Dress34-36 EU/4-6 US/6-8 UK Shoe39 EU/8 US/6 UK Size16 HairLight Brown EyesHazel
Olivia Douglas
Height173cm/5'8" Bust86cm/34" DD Waist64cm/25" Hips86cm/34" Dress34-36 EU/4-6 US/6-8 UK Shoe40 EU/9 US/6.5 UK HairDirty Blonde EyesBrown
Raluca Budai
Height90cm/2'11" Waist52cm/20.5" Hips54cm/21" Size2T-3T HairAsh Blonde EyesBlue
Scarlet-rose Andreou-betteridge
Height158cm/5'2" Waist70cm/27.5" Hips81cm/32" Dress34-36 EU/4-6 US/6-8 UK Shoe23.5 EU/7.5 US/6.5 UK (kids) Size11 - 12 HairBlack EyesBrown
Shavon Baker
Height157cm/5'1" HairBrown EyesHazel
Sinai Crous
Height160cm/5'3" Bust81cm/32" D Waist76cm/30" Hips96cm/38" Dress36-38 EU/6-8 US/8-10 UK Shoe37.5 EU/6.5 US/4.5 UK HairBrown EyesBrown
Sophia Lambert
Height140cm/4'6.5" Size10 - 11 HairAuburn EyesBrown
Talya-Sara Akar
Height128cm/4'2" Shoe17.5 EU/2 US/1 UK (kids) Size13 - 14 HairBlack EyesBrown
Tia-Leigh Adofo
Height178cm/5'10" Bust83cm/32.5" B Waist65cm/25.5" Hips95cm/37.5" Dress34-36 EU/4-6 US/6-8 UK Shoe40.5 EU/9.5 US/7 UK Size16 HairBlack EyesBrown
Tolu Odunlami
Height75cm/2'5.5" Size6 - 9 months HairBlack EyesBrown
Valentina Ita Lopez Angulo
Height157cm/5'1" Bust76cm/30" B Dress34 EU/4 US/6 UK Shoe37 EU/6 US/4 UK Size13 - 14 HairBrunette EyesBlack
Yasmin Smith
Height41cm/1'4" Bust60cm/23.5" Waist58cm/23" Hips71cm/28" Shoe32 EU/1 US/13 UK (kids) Size7 - 8 HairBlack EyesBrown
Yasmin Tina Osei-Agyapong
Height35cm/1'2" Bust60cm/23.5" Waist56cm/22" Hips63cm/25" Dress33 EU/3 US/5 UK Shoe29 EU/12 US/11 UK (kids) Size4T HairBlack EyesBrown
Zeney Tesia Osei-Agyapong Ledy