Child Performance Licenses BELOW INFO FOR CLIENTS ONLY:

All children 16 years and under need to have a licence in place for every job, The client is responsible for the licences, however we will help with processing applications. If you do require our service it is advised that you call us at the earliest opportunity, Please remember that we need a minimum of 10 days to allow all the paperwork to be processed. For more information please call us.
Height161cm/5'3.5" Bust79cm/31" A/B Waist60cm/23.5" Inseam76cm/30" Collar32cm/12.5" Sleeve58cm/23" Suit LengthS Hips84cm/33" Dress34-36 EU/4-6 US/6-8 UK Shoe38 EU/7 US/5 UK HairBrunette EyesHazel
Height152cm/4'11.5" Bust86cm/34" Waist66cm/26" Hips96cm/38" Dress36 EU/6 US/8 UK Shoe37 EU/6 US/4 UK HairPlatinum Blond EyesBlue
Height159cm/5'2.5" Bust92cm/36" B/C Waist72cm/28.5" Inseam68cm/26.5" Hips97cm/38" Dress36-38 EU/6-8 US/8-10 UK Shoe39 EU/8 US/6 UK HairBlonde EyesAmber
Height169cm/5'6.5" Bust101cm/40" C Chest119cm/47" Waist112cm/44" Collar38cm/15" Hips142cm/56" Dress50 EU/20 US/22 UK Shoe41.5 EU/10.5 US/7.5 UK Shoe41 EU/8 US/7.5 UK HairAuburn EyesBlue/Grey
Height169cm/5'6.5" Waist71cm/28" Dress38-40 EU/8-10 US/10-12 UK Shoe40.5 EU/9.5 US/7 UK Shoe40 EU/7.5 US/7 UK HairPlatinum Blond EyesHazel
Height180cm/5'11" Chest95cm/37.5" Waist74cm/29" Inseam84cm/33" Collar37cm/14.5" Hips80cm/31.5" Shoe43 EU/9.5 US/9 UK HairDark Blonde EyesBlue/Grey
Height174cm/5'8.5" HairBrunette EyesGreen
Height174cm/5'8.5" Bust91cm/36" C Chest40cm/15.5" Waist64cm/25" Inseam91cm/36" Collar39cm/15.5" Sleeve66cm/26" Suit77cm/30"/40 Suit LengthR Hips91cm/36" Dress38-40 EU/8-10 US/10-12 UK Shoe42.5 EU/11.5 US/8 UK Shoe42 EU/8.5 US/8 UK HairAuburn Red EyesBrown
Height176cm/5'9.5" Chest79cm/31" Waist74cm/29" Inseam74cm/29" Collar37cm/14.5" Sleeve43cm/17" Suit77cm/30"/40 Suit LengthS Hips80cm/31.5" Shoe43 EU/12 US/8 UK Shoe42.5 EU/9 US/8.5 UK HairBrunette EyesBlue/Green