"To Buzz Talent, I just wanted to share a quick thank you, you made it so simple, and I’m glad I decided to work with you. You’ve helped many of us, and have always been supportive! It’s easy to get along with everyone in the Buzz family and I’m grateful for it. You guys are the best! Keep up the great work!"

Teresa P.

Soo.... you've done the first BUZZING achievement already and that's browsing this fabulous new website. Since joining the Buzz Agency in march 2020 I have never felt so great about myself personally and surrounding myself with some amazing people has definitely gave the so much confidence to what I had imagined already. Having my first paid job since joining the agency on a social media app was a great start for me! Knowing the direction I want to progress in(reality tv & clothing brand modelling). Being part of this amazing agency already really does give you that reassurance that there some kind fantastic people around.

I cannot thank Helen & all the team enough

#beekind #bethankful

Matt S.

I have been signed with Buzz Talent agency for over a year now and I honestly couldn’t be happier. The agency is amazing and everyone is so supportive about what you do. Helen is such a lovely kindhearted person inside and out - definitely the best agent. Can’t wait for more work.

Lots of love x

Kayleigh R.

Buzz is an amazing agency, run by a very kind and lovely women, feels like being part of a great family and would recommend anyone to join! Thanks to buzz I’ve made some great friends and been introduced to some amazing new.

Shannon C.

The first time I met people from Buzz Talent they made me feel so at home and welcomed me with loving arms. They were so helpful for everything and I am really happy to be working with them.

Aderinsola A.

"I’ve been with Buzz Talent for only a short time, but in that time they have been so supportive and kind! There are regular castings and we are always kept in the loop. It feels more like a family rather than an agency. Everyone supports each other and I feel very proud to be a part of such a great agency, I wouldn’t change for the world"

Alyssa A.

"I joined buzz talent in February this year and it really has changed my life. I’ve had so many opportunities and the agency has really made me feel more confident in myself, my career and which path I want to go down. It’s made me feel like I have a place where I belong and fit in. I can’t thank Helen enough"


I have been with Buzz agency for under a year and already have received so many opportunities within the industry. Even through lockdown, we have had so much communication and online opportunities, I’m excited to see what my future can hold at buzz! Thank you Buzz family for all your support

Imogen J.

"I have always been quite hesitant about agencies until I came across BUZZ TALENT. The professionalism, competence and friendliness of all staff involved is second to none and I am a proud member of this lovely family."

Jamile D.

While being in the Buzz Talent Agency for only six months I’ve gained so much knowledge and confidence within the creative field. I’ve been welcomed into such an amazing community where I’ve made incredible friends. Buzz has such a warm and welcoming environment. After only being in the Buzz Agency for a month I was already put forward to be an extra in Made in Chelsea. For the past three months I’ve been streaming on an app It’s an app where you get paid to work from home. If it wasn’t for Buzz Talent I would’ve never known about BIGO. BIGO has given me the opportunity to discover new talents that I never knew I had and it’s allowed me to revisit old talents, such as drawing cartoons. I have an amazing agent who’s called Helen. She has always been there for me. This is the best agency that I have ever been with. They have so many different opportunities from TV work to films to advertisements to modelling and so many more. Buzz is a very diverse agency where they welcome everyone from any background.

Angelina F.

I can not recommend Buzz Talent enough. During lockdown my business shut down, I had very little to work with and my income were running low. I applied to be part of Buzz Talent and were lucky enough to be accepted and got the chance to become a social media host within the first week. They have helped me from day one, the whole team is so supportive and I look forward to even more work with them in the future.

Charleen P.

I have been with BUZZ Agency for under a year. I was welcome with open arms, the team is friendly with a family unit feel. I have a job as a internet host which I love I will look forward to have more work.


Since joining buzz it has become my second family,they are very supporting and will give you advice and help you no matter what even if they are silly questions. Buzz also believes in you which is most important because you get people who put you down but Buzz doesn’t, I’m so grateful that Buzz accepted into their agency.

Dean N.

Buzz is the first agency that have given me any work and have managed to get me started within a month of joining. The team are amazing, always at hand and so helpful with any queries you'd have as a newbie. I love that the agency stand for respect, love and kindness and is so welcoming. I'd like to say a big Thank you to Helen, Caroline and the Team for being so supportive and amazing the whole way through!

Janki P.

"I have been with Buzz now for over half a year! What a difference the agency has made, I have a Social Media Broadcasting job with them, and I can't honestly wait to see what's next.

More than an agency, more like family! I don't know where I would be without Buzz Talent now. "

Jemma B.

Being signed to Buzz during the lockdown period was a huge boost of confidence and drive for me! It showed me, that there is always an opportunity around the corner and the importance of always staying positive. Buzz have been amazing at helping me to get started with the BIGO live app, which I absolutely love, interacting with audience and building a fan base is a great experience! Overall I cannot wait to see where the future leads me with Buzz and I am excited to meet the team in person as soon as I can!

Gemma C

Joining Buzz talent was probably the best thing I did for my growing career. It gets really lonely as an outsider trying to break into the industry, but each day I was on set, I met more and more people who inspired me to keep going. I've received IMDB credits from the work I got and made so many connections that wouldn't have been possible without them. They call the Buzz family for a reason and on a personal level they have helped me to grow.


Effective - empowering - ingenious

Three very strong values that Buzz Talent both possesses and reflects every single day and in every aspect of being a successful agency.

From the get go I was welcomed with open arms. Their astonishing support network has granted me ample opportunities in which I am extremely great full for and feel nothing but excitement for what the future holds while working with such a phenomenal agency.

Ross J.

Buzz Talent have been amazing. They have helped me find my confidence, and helped me really find my feet. If you want to become the best you really can be, I definitely recommend Buzz. Thank you guys for the opportunities you have given me.

Emma Louisa

"Buzz is a super friendly agency with a real ‘family feel.’ You never feel like you can’t speak to your bookers and all the agency staff are always on hand to help/give advice. I’ve only been with Buzz for a few weeks and have already booked 2 jobs- during lockdown!"

Aimee T.

Hello my names Natasha.

Buzz agency have been super supportive in finding me work, especially during the lockdown period. I’m so happy to be apart of such an amazing agency.

Natasha T.

Since being with buzz it has opened up a whole new life for me. The support I get from them is incredible, I have a new found confidence, and have met some lovely people, I feel like they are my extended family. Being booked for social media was an amazing feeling. Thank you Buzz.

Benji G.


My name is Dulce Dias, known as DD!

I’ve been with buzz for a year and I am completely a new person, I will explain to you why.

Before I applied for the buzz agency I was a very shy person, after they asked me to be part of the agency I started to know myself better, in many aspects.

Being part of the buzz agency is like being part of a real family, they make sure you are good, they tell you how worthy and how beautiful you are, which is important .... and I guess I needed to hear that to become who I am today.

Today I am a better person, I am confident, I am determined and I am a fighter, my family and friends they don’t recognise me at all.

During this journey, I’ve learned that “ not everybody will accept you to be part of their project but it doesn’t mean you are not worthy or you’re not good enough because you are worthy and you are good enough ”.

There will be always someone who’s looking for someone like you so don’t you worry if they reply NO!

Dulce D

I have reached out to Buzz numerous times and they always can’t do enough to help. They have a huge database of talent more than any other agent I’ve worked with. They put their talent before the business which shows how passionate they are about the industry. I love that they give new entrants in the industry a chance as well.

Gemma G

I was lucky enough to receive work within days of being signed to Buzz Talent!

The opportunities are exciting and varied. Not only was I successful in getting a part as an extra on TOWIE, but I was also given a fantastic opportunity to work from home. This was essential during lockdown!

I joined at a time when there were a huge number of social events taking place over London Fashion Week, so the opportunities to network are outstanding!

I had only just moved to London and did not know anyone, but thanks to Buzz Talent I have now made some great friends. I am so grateful to everyone for the opportunities!


This is my first month at Buzz and I love it! Everyone is so friendly, supportive and made me feel part of the family very easily. Since starting Buzz I’ve become more confident and I am so happy I joined when I did!

Thank you Buzz for everything ! #beekind

Trisha D

Hi guys, what I love about buzz Talent are the staff there they are incredible they are so sweet and nice and so lovely and welcoming and most of all Helen the big boss she is firm but has the biggest heart of all she makes you feel so welcoming and makes you feel so welcomed into the agency that we feel like a big family and I could not have chosen a better agency because they support me through my career through my modelling through my work and they have been my biggest supporter and very affectionate

Fatima J

"The range of opportunities presented by Buzz are incredible. They clearly know the business very well. The accessibility they have ensures a real close working relationship, enabling a broad range of options at your fingertips. I’m very fortunate to be a part of Buzz Talent."

Liam G

I used to be a disbeliever and had no courage to take on new challenges, since joining buzz talent, they have driven me to become confident and strive towards my goals.


I joined buzz talent via instagram and in less than a month I received my first ongoing social media job, which i love! This agency is full of some of the most welcoming and helpful people i have come into contact with in this industry and I am so excited for the future opportunities.

Elliemay D

I was recently put in contact with Helen by a producer who has worked with her over many productions and spoke incredibly fondly of her! I can see why - Helen has been kind and super helpful for me with casting aChannel 4 show. I look forward to working with you more in the future!

Gareth Hughes (Assistant Producer)